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Exclusive Sichuan flavor spicy recipe

Twenty-one years ago, "Red 99" brought spicy hot pot into Taiwan, blowing up a trend of eating spicy pot. Till this day, spicy hot pot has become a part of Taiwanese food culture and our common memories.

Unlike the general spicy hot pot which emphasizes the taste of spicy and causes discomfort after eating. "Red 99" insists on using the authentic and ancient method from Sichuan " Emphasize the taste of numbing instead of hot and prickle."

We use premium peppers from Sichuan, with Chinese medicine five elements to make body decrease dryness and discomfort in a hot and humid climate.


Unique Afternoon Tea Shelf

Red 99 uses special shelves to arrange each ingredient carefully, letting you enjoy the multi-level taste when you eat the hot pot in contrary to putting every ingredient without order.

With 21-year experiences, we realize that” Eating hot pot is not only for satiety, but also to fulfill everyone's unique taste.”

There is no need for everyone to accommodate the same spiciness and dishes when everybody has different preferences during gatherings.

We innovate, in order to make every unique customer enjoy the most comfortable dining experience.

We are dedicated to caring every detail and to creating a completely different experience of spicy hot pot to you. We are trying to make the spicy hot pot as a synonym for "individual, unique and fashionable".

We believe the dining experience of each customer is a unique story, and we look forward to making them more abundant.


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